Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a Smile!

“You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there”, somebody said very truly. Sometimes we become so much occupied by the problems of life that we forget to smile. As if it is really hard to curve your lips! However, the strength of a smile is much much more than one can guess. whatever situation you are in, whatever phase you are going through, a smile can do the magic that nothing else can. You don't need to search for funny things to smile on. You can just smile to yourself and feel relaxed. Yes! when you smile, your stress goes away. This is what Sarah talks about in one of her blogs. A wonderful blog I must say.

Not everyone of us can smile so spontaneously. We all face problems in life and feel afraid of something or the other. But very few of us accept this fact. Many of us wear a false mask of happiness and try to convince others as well as themselves how happy they are. However, Sarah confesses that as a child she was afraid of hurting herself by smiling at life. It happens with many of us, especially in childhood. Sarah talks about her little sister who used to be the refreshing air for her in her time of distress and also a friend with whom she could be herself and laugh out all the pains of life. She says that now she understands that worth of a smile and how a smile turn everything into something positive. The childhood story she shares in her blog is really touching

In her blog Random thoughts on life, faith, healing & recovery, she talks about human feelings and emotions. She expresses her feelings with the right words and she writes whatever comes to mind at those moments. She is free to express her emotions and she never has to wear a mask to show the world how "happy" she is. Because she knows how she is and she also knows that the real satisfaction comes when one can express herself with the real words. I love the way she describes her feelings through poems and articles. She is a great writer and a great observer of life. 

Everyone must find sometime to read her blog and encourage her strength of accepting life as it is.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How to Select a Topic for your Blog

We all know that blogging is not just an one-day activity. If you start your own blog that means you would continue posting different articles time to time. So, before starting your blog, you must decide what would be topic for your blog, so that you can go on writing and never feel bored. Many new bloggers feel confused while selecting their topics for blogging. However, it is not that hard a job. Just listen to your heart and your will find a topic. Remember the following points while choosing your blog topic and see how things become easy for you.

1.    The topic should be something you are passionate about. If you select a topic that you are in love with, it will never become boring for you and you go on writing on the topic again and again. On the other hand if you select a topic which is a very exciting topic may be, but not your passion, it would become a heavy load for you in a few days.

2.    Choose a topic that you want to share with the rest of the world. Remember that you want to start a blog because you want to share something with others. So, you must not select any topic that you are sensitive about. You should always choose something that you can share open-mindedly and can also accept others’ views on it.

3.    Another very important point that you should keep in mind while selecting your blog topic is that the topic should be something that would be interesting for others too and not only for yourself. If people don’t find the topic much interesting, may be you would get lesser readers and lesser comments.

4.    Last, but not the least, whatever be the topic of your blog, you must be original in writing. Write everyday and post something everyday so that your readers are satisfied. Provide good quality content to your readers and your blog will be a success for sure.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Writing Everyday Helps...

I do believe that writing something everyday enhances your skill of understanding and imagination. The practice of writing keeps your mind active and allows you to think more positively. Whatever you imagine, whatever you think, put it in words and you will see how inspiring this is. Each and every person should spend at least 10 minutes for writing. And that writing can be anything and everything under the sky. It is just that you are giving some words t your thoughts. Writing elaborates your thinking process and makes you a more creative person everyday.

Not that you have to share your writing with someone. It can be a personal diary too, that you keep to yourself and never share with anyone. But when you write something on paper you are actually sharing the thoughts with yourself, which is a very healthy practice for anyone. Once you start writing everyday, you get used to it and more new ideas start come to your mind. And you know what? You improve on your language everyday.

It might seem hard initially when you start writing everyday. May be you will not find so many topic to write on. But it’s not necessary to have a specific topic for writing. Just like we never search for a topic to think about and we just think about anything and everything, writing also is independent and you can writing anything and everything that comes to your mind. After few days, it will become your habit and you will start writing very easily on the things you had never imagined to write about. Writing helps to open yourself and become a more powerful communicator. So, start writing today and everyday.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ninalazina's Blog - Leads to a Good Life

I have read many blogs, but found only a few that have good quality content with wise talks. We all learn some good things in the journey of life, but only a few of us decide to share the knowledge with rest of the world. One such person is Ninalazina. She writes whatever she sees around her with an eye of a practical humanbeing. She has decided to share her experience in her blog From her own experiences she knows that our grand moms were much more practical conscious about their health, in spite of their lack of knowledge in medical science. 

She is right in her article In The Pursuit Of Happiness, when she says that it is impossible for us to remain happy all the time. We all have our shares of joy and pain. And if we can admit this fact with a smile, then only we can be happy at whatever state we are. Acceptance of both joy and pain is the best way to get a peaceful life. It doesn’t really matter whether one is financially stable or is famous among friends to become happy. She says “Happiness depends on your view and perspective of life and how you cope with events and situations”. Happiness is just a mental state she says and she also says “Make time in your life”. If you don’t have enough time to relax and be with your loved ones, how can you be happy in life? 

In the article, “Stress in the Work Place” Ninalazina discusses the practical solutions to cope with stress. Each of us has faced stress in life and has finally learnt how to cope with it and come out of it. But, Ninalazina has given the extra effort to share the experience with the world. Ninalazina shows us the very simple ways to change our life a little bit only to make it more interesting and more happening in her article “A New You, With Simple Changes”. She talks about healthy minds and healthy thoughts in each of her articles in her blog.

I loved reading all the articles and will continue to read more. I believe that bloggers who are really passionate about reading good stuff should definitely have a look at Ninalazina’s blog and encourage her to carry on with her responsible role that she has chosen to play. I wish her all the very best in her work and pray that she continues sharing her wisdom with the world.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Coyote and the Monster

A very long time ago, when people did not yet inhabit the earth.  A great monster walked upon the lands, eating all the animals- except the Coyote.   The Coyote was very angry that all his friends were gone.  One day the clever coyote climbed the highest mountain and tied himself to the top with rope.  The Coyote then called upon the great monster, challenging him to eat him.  The monster sucked in the air, hoping to pull the clever Coyote off the mountain with his powerful breath, but the ropes were far to strong.  Then the great monster tried to blow the Coyote off the mountain, but it was no use, the Coyote was far to cleaver.

Realizing that the Coyote was sly and cleaver, the great monster thought of a new plan.  It would be friend the Coyote and invite him to stay in his home, on his land.  Before the visit began, the Coyote said that he wanted to visit his friends and asked the great monster if he could enter his stomach.  The great monster was happy to hear this and agreed.  The Coyote ended up cutting out of the great monsters stomach to set himself free and his friends.

The Coyote threw the pieces of the great monster in all four directions of the earth, each time a piece of the great monster landed, a new tribe emerged.

The Coyote is known as the trickster to the Native American.  I often wondered if "Willie Coyote" was a modern day trickster told to children of all races. " Willie Coyote"  could never catch the Road Runner, and nothing could ever harm him.  I saw "Willie Coyote" the other day on the television, and i am glad the trickster still lives on. 

Guest Writer, Pokagon Indian

Monday, February 22, 2010

Blog Etiquette from a Native American

It seems like the craze is to get a blog, then something happens, you realize that you do not want to blog to yourself or your mom so you go out and try to get "followers," how everyone does this is different from person to person.

Once you get the followers, then you want to be a good host, so you make your blog, clean and pretty, and then you wait, and  then it happens, your first follower, you get excited and think, how many more?  Maybe the whole world will follow me.  

Well then you notice you got a new message from your follower, imagine that, the follower is so taken by me that now they have to communicate with me.  Well the honeymoon ends very quickly when you read the message and it says, "I followed you now quick go to my site and follow me" or else, "you click my adds because I followed you."  I, of course, feel so bad that I rush over and follow some site that I do not even know what it is about because it is another language and I want to be a good host so I start clicking everything that looks like an ad, and soon I opened a new account with someone for something I don't even want.

I decide to venture out into the big world of blogging and actually read the story, then make a nice polite comment in the comment box, after all that must be why they have a comment box right?  Wrong, that comment box is to get your email to send spam.  Then I have to clean out my email twice a day unless I want to buy a watch or get insurance.

Then the next thing that happens is, I figure that since I am following this new friend and they are following me, that we should get to know each-other.  After all, we are agreeing to read our daily happenings right?   Wrong, more than likely the person will think that you are now cyber stalking them.  Or better yet, I find out I have been visiting the person and leaving comments for a month and then it dawns on me, wait a minute I don't even think this person is following me, imagine that, I take the time to read their dumb life story only to find out that they do not even know what my site looks like.  So my message is this: treat others just like you would want to be treated.

Have a great day!
Guest Writer, Pokagon Indian 

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Blog that Talks on Faith and Love !

Blogging is not only about writing a few stuff that attracts the world! But it is also about sharing your own feelings and emotions. To some people, blogging is like maintaining a diary where you can write from your heart and say whatever you wish. While going through a number of blogs as I do everyday, I came across a blog that really sends a message to the world. The blog tells stories about love, faith, fear, wisdom, philosophy and many other human emotions. The blog talks about how to control your fear in various different ways. It talks about the values that we all know, but often forget to apply in our lives. It talks about happiness and satisfaction that one should find within and not outside. It shows you the way to a peaceful life. 

I loved reading the posts of the blog and it feels good to be reminded all those great values that were already there in my heart, but were about to fade away! One must keep nurturing the great things they learn in the journey of life and the way Luchi has chosen to do that is really wonderful. I thank her from the core of my heart.

If you want to relish those beautiful words told in an interesting way, you must visit Luchi's blog and encourage her to keep up the great work she has been doing. Let's join her blog and make our life happier by reading those articles on faith, philosophy and happiness!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Blog templates- freshbloggertemplates

As a beginner to the world of blogging, the most painful thing for me was choosing the right template. I think the problem is same with many new bloggers. At first I did not give so much attention to templates. I just wanted to get started anyway. But after a few posting I realized that selecting templates is one of the most important steps before you make the head start. I spent many sleepless nights in selecting templates and rejecting them the very next morning. Finally, after a lot of struggle I chose a template which I thought would suite my blog the best. 

So, when I started 'Blog aBout your Blogs', I was pretty much decided to write a few articles which will guide my readers on choosing the right templates from the right locations. Freshbloggertemplates is one such blog which I found very resourceful. It has a rich collection of downloadable templates which may serve your purpose.

I hope Freshbloggertemplates will help you in finding the most suitable templates for your blogs.

I would definitely write more about websites providing free downloadable blog templates in future.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reading GreatViet's Channel

Life is not always what you like it to be. You may want to go out but sudden rain can drench your plan. You may want to cook a delicious food for your beloved but an extra pinch of salt can lead your hard work to an disastrous end. That is why may be it is said "Man proposes... God disposes...". Kind of similar things are happening with me for couple of weeks. Throughout the week we plan so many things for the weekend. To go out in the sun or for Chinese buffet! But dear old God laughs at us and starts pouring snow from Friday evening.

So, how to repair the broken heart? I decided to make this closed door weekend enjoyable enough so that I can again get resources to build my hope for the coming ones. I clung to my favorite hobby, reading. I started reading a blog describing the beautiful nation of Vietnam. I am really fond of photography and travel stories. And this blog talks about both. It is GreatViet's Channel. I am really refreshed after seeing the breathtaking snaps of Da Lat and Ha Long Bay. I wish I could ever take such wonderful snaps! In India, Vietnam as a country is very popular. But they are all for political reasons. Vietnam as a travel destination does not have that much popularity in Indian literary and tourism sector. The only reason that I can think behind it is lack of knowledge about the beauty of the country which I was also a victim of until last week.

I am really loving the articles and the photographs used to illustrate it. A completely new landscape is unfolding in front of me as I am going through the posts. I don't know whether I will ever be able to visit Vietnam physically but the culture and people will no longer be unknown to me.

I will keep reading this blog now and hope all passionate blog lovers should also have a look at it. I think this blog would make me write a couple more articles about it.

Friday, February 12, 2010

A beautiful blog named "I Share"

While reading on the internet, I found a blog named I Share which talks bout people and places of various corners of the world.What I found exciting about the blog is that it describes every minute details be it a place or an event or a society or a custom. The style of writing is very lucid and informative.The blog has the capacity to keep its readers engaged and excited. Besides the crystalline language, I Share also features several photographs to give the articles more life. Every photograph of the blogs is very much related to the articles and tell the untold stories that are not written in the article. The photography and the related texts mingle so well that the readers can’t skip reading one single line and look back at the photograph set beside.

I think that all passionate readers as well as bloggers should definitely have a look at I Share and find out what the extra effort the author puts in her blog to make it so much lively and vibrant. I believe that you all would love to read the blog and come back here to agree with my views on it.

I will be waiting!!!


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