Monday, March 15, 2010

Just a Smile!

“You haven't lost your smile at all, it's right under your nose. You just forgot it was there”, somebody said very truly. Sometimes we become so much occupied by the problems of life that we forget to smile. As if it is really hard to curve your lips! However, the strength of a smile is much much more than one can guess. whatever situation you are in, whatever phase you are going through, a smile can do the magic that nothing else can. You don't need to search for funny things to smile on. You can just smile to yourself and feel relaxed. Yes! when you smile, your stress goes away. This is what Sarah talks about in one of her blogs. A wonderful blog I must say.

Not everyone of us can smile so spontaneously. We all face problems in life and feel afraid of something or the other. But very few of us accept this fact. Many of us wear a false mask of happiness and try to convince others as well as themselves how happy they are. However, Sarah confesses that as a child she was afraid of hurting herself by smiling at life. It happens with many of us, especially in childhood. Sarah talks about her little sister who used to be the refreshing air for her in her time of distress and also a friend with whom she could be herself and laugh out all the pains of life. She says that now she understands that worth of a smile and how a smile turn everything into something positive. The childhood story she shares in her blog is really touching

In her blog Random thoughts on life, faith, healing & recovery, she talks about human feelings and emotions. She expresses her feelings with the right words and she writes whatever comes to mind at those moments. She is free to express her emotions and she never has to wear a mask to show the world how "happy" she is. Because she knows how she is and she also knows that the real satisfaction comes when one can express herself with the real words. I love the way she describes her feelings through poems and articles. She is a great writer and a great observer of life. 

Everyone must find sometime to read her blog and encourage her strength of accepting life as it is.


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