Guest Posting

Let the world know about your blog or website. Why not write a small article describing what you are writing so that everyone feels tempted to visit your site. It may add a few more followers to your already popular blogs/sites.

Please mail me your guest post articles with the following things:

1. Give your blog url.
2. In the article mark sentences/words in Italics for links and mention the link in [S/W:link] next to the sentence/ word.
3. You can send at most two photographs you have used in your blogs to illustrate the article you have written. The photographs should exclusive be yours.
4. Mention the category of your blog.
5. Your blog should not have any pornographic content in it. Otherwise your article will not be published.

Let's work together to make your creativity a little bit more visible to the world. Keep blogging and I want to contribute a little to the success of your blog.


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